Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks – SNL


Contestants Keeley (Sasheer Zamata), Shanice (Leslie Jones) and Doug (Tom Hanks) compete on Black Jeopardy, hosted by Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson).

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  1. The most iconic thing I will ever hear " big girls for 200, skinny girls can do this for u, what is not a damn thing"

  2. This skit has a great message. The majority of us "regular folk" have much more in common than we don't. Can't we just build on that and go from there? Arnt we all just trying to get along and provide for our families and make it through every day?

  3. This skit is pre-2016 presidential election… food for thought. Don’t attack me for urging the date up, it’s just not new. It’s from October 2016 it’s in the SNL description, at least when they uploaded it. Not sure when it was actually aired on NBC SNL. Have a great day!

  4. I believe Tom Hanks will be a good actor about the time dinosaurs come down on the alien spacecraft wearing capes….

  5. What is Secoreia Turner?
    Secoreia Turner is an eight year black girl that is not going to reach the age of 9 years. A mother and daughter were driving in a car and happened to get near the Black Lives Matter Autonomous Zone in Atlanta. Black Lives Matter protestors opened fire on the car riddling the car with bullets. The little 8 year old black girl was killed from the volley of gunfire.

  6. I don't find it funny. Blacks sayin shit others would be called racist for. Then stereotyping White people. I guess We Whites just need to put up with it for a couple hundred years till we are even. Then the Blacks can go back to Africa and get back at their Kin who sold them out in the first place.

  7. As many times as I've watched this, still laugh….out loud, when that final jeopardy category is revealed.
    This sketch has actually become even more relevant than when it first aired.

  8. How is "this" NOT RACIST? How is it that the "cancel culture" of today, and yesterday, not jumped all over this … years ago? What am I missing here? — But, on the bright side, it was awesome seeing Tom Hanks sporting a non-racist "MAGA" hat. – #TRUMP2020

  9. Comedy is a way to point to issues without demeaning yourself or anyone else. When comedy is good, laughter can be healing and allow people to connect to our better selves. Thank God for good comedy.


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