BTS (방탄소년단) – I Need U Piano Cover


악보집 수록곡 중 하나인 방탄소년단 ‘I Need U’ 피아노 커버입니다. Save ME와 함께 이곡은 제가 너무 좋아하는 곡이라 꼭 악보집에 수록하고 싶었는데 작년에 이미 업로드를 했던 I Need U와 Save ME 커버를 다시 들어보니 유튜브를 시작하고 얼마 안됬을때 쳤던 거라서 그런건지 영 마음에 안들더라구요.. 그래서 완성도를 위해 이 두곡은 악보집에 수록될 버전을 따로 편곡을 해놨었는데 연습하실때 참고하실 수 있게 연주음원도 올려봅니다. 즐겁게 감상하세요!

I really wanted to include ‘I Need U’ and ‘Save ME’ in my new piano book since they’re one of my favorite KPOP songs, but I felt like my old covers of these two songs that I uploaded last year weren’t that great, so I decided to do a new arrangement of them 😀 Hope you like it!

악보집 [두피아노의 케이팝 콜렉션]에 수록된 곡입니다 🙂

You can find the sheet music for this song in my new piano book, [DOOPIANO’s KPOP COLLECTION]!
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♪ 피아노 악보:
♪ Sheet Music:

I Need U MV:



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  1. ♪ 피아노 악보:
    ♪ Sheet Music:

  2. the comments are so wholesome but am i the only one whose reminded of fanfics bc of this? like go back two years and this was in every sad moment ajhfkdnch

  3. not to be hating or etc but i need u isn't my favorite song, i some times think it is overrated, but i still love it. whenever it comes in playlist i wanna stop it, but i don't, and i never regret it.
    i have strange relationships with this song actually.
    before i listen to it i hate it (sowwy) but after i start listening i understand, i love it, this cover has made me love it

  4. best piano version of a kpop song. i need u will always be iconic and timeless. it was truly one of the best bts eras


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