Fly Tying: Humpy Dry Fly with Uncle John


Featured in this fly tying tutorial is a pattern that I love to fish, the Humpy dry fly. This is a great attractor fly that trout really seem to love, especially when fishing it in faster currents. I was fortunate enough to have my Uncle John Cammisa tie this pattern on this video, and this is a special treat, being that he has been tying for over half of his life (age 82 in this video!). The tying of this pattern is not the simplest, thus I frequently will “commission” one of my favorite tyers (my Uncle John) for some of these flies! During this tutorial, my uncle goes into great detail and leads you through the required procedures to make the tying of this pattern much easier.

To begin the video, I conduct a brief interview of my uncle, which then leads into an examination of a finished Humpy. This is followed by the tutorial, which my uncle concludes the fly for the camera, but still wanted to clean-up the finished product. After he cut away some fibers that were out of place, I took one final picture so all viewers can see what the finished fly looked like.

Thanks go out to my uncle for agreeing to tie this pattern; he is a fantastic craftsman and has been one of my greatest fly tying mentors throughout my life.

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  1. Great looking fly. Thanks for Uncle John sharing it. I want to try to tie it and will fish it my next trip to Colorado

  2. Tim, Up need to learn to tie salmon flies while you can from Uncle john. I want to so badly and can't find anywhere in my area. I would love to set up something over the internet to learn from a good tier. Maybe over skype. I know it is an idea which haven't started to take off in this profession. I would really like to know if you have any interest on your web page for this. Could we do a survey to see how many people might be interested? I know it is a lot to ask a new dad. I just wanted to get an idea if people owulud gen interested. All the best, Sean

  3. got so much fish on this one thanks a real fish catcher one of my favorites
    so great to see the fish go for it so aggressive

  4. Thanks for the comments, Bob, and you're right about everyone needing an "Uncle John!" Good luck with all in Canada… TC

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I can't wait to tie some up. The naturals always work well in my w alters

  6. Hey Tim, Your uncle John is great, and he tied a great fly too. 82 years young and still tying. Gives me hope I can get the years of experience in I need to tie well.
    All the best to both of you. Sean


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