NiKO on a ROCKET – Unicorn Catch Update!! Adley App Reviews new 4th of July Game & Baby Mode RAWR 🦄


Niko Bear reviews his new character and game in Unicorn Catch!!

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HEY EVERYBODY!! HAPPY (almost) 4th OF JULY!! To help celebrate we have a really fun surprise added to my app Unicorn Catch!! We included my baby brother Niko Bear!! How exciting is that?! Niko always wanted to play Unicorn Catch with us but when we watched him we realized that some of the levels were too hard for him! So we made a Baby Mode for him where he doesn’t have to stop playing! If he wanted to he could even play forever!! We also added some fun new backgrounds that are all independence day themed, fireworks, Niko riding on a Rocket, and new coloring book pages featuring new Unicorns and Niko Bear!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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