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The story begins when a small alien named Lu-Lu was floating around in space, she gets hit by a meteor and falls to earth. Meanwhile, on earth, Mickey and Minnie Mouse were having a picnic when they discovered Lu-Lu. At first, they thought it was a mushroom, but then Minnie (if the player is playing as Mickey) or Mickey (if the player is playing as Minnie) climbs on her and started doing poses for the player character. Then, all of a sudden, Lu-Lu started floating away with the other mouse still standing on it. It was up to the player character to go after them and find them. Towards the end of the game, Mickey and Minnie finally help Lu-Lu summon a giant alien space ship. Lu-Lu floats up along the tractor beam of the ship, and Mickey and Minnie say good bye to her as she flies back home to outer space in the ship.

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