PiRATE vs FAiRY – Backyard Magic Battle!! Niko & Mom make Floor is Lava for Adley’s Hidden Gold ☠️


The Pirates trick The Fairies to steal their Fairy Dust 🧚🏻‍♀️


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today my dad and I are fairies and we have grown an enchanted forest in our backyard! We really like taking care of it and watching our noodle plants grow!! We also dance, sing, and keep our pixie dust safe there in the plants!! But we have to watch out for Pirate Mom and Niko! They are always trying to sneak in and take our fairy dust for themselves! When we have taken care of everything we usually pack up for the night and sleep! While we were sleeping Mom and Niko snuck in and took our jar of pixie dust and took it back to their house! When we woke up we found it was missing so we decided to sneak in and take some of their treasure and then we hid it somewhere where they couldn’t find it! When mom and Niko woke up they were mad that we took their treasure so they decided to spill some lava on the grass and try and find their treasure!! All of us continued to trick each other until we came up with a deal that would make everyone happy! We split the backyard so that we had our own spaces!! It was so fun!!

my last video – FiSHING with ADLEY!! Catching my FiRST FiSH ultimate camping in mountains adventure with Mom & Dad

my dad’s last video – NiKO Shark vs Mermaid ADLEY!! Barbie Dream Camper adventure to the Pool for an underwater play day!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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