Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 Comparison – Uncle


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Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 Comparison – Uncle

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  1. one thing…why does uncle only wear one glove in rdr1. I got a theory as to why and it is the fact that maybe before rdr2 he was meant to be red harlow. if you remember red burnt his hand in his origin story and uncle has the glove on the hand that red burnt, coincident I think not

  2. John had so witty yet relevant responses to everyone's nagging back in RDR 1. In RDR 2 he was like a kid in front of Arthur when it came being clever and funny.

  3. Uncles role in the RDR-series is underrated. Yes was lazy and drank a lot, but he was loyal to the end and died protecting the Marston-family. Also, he is, in my personal humble opinion, the funniest character in the Van Der Linde gang.

  4. He’s so much different to what he was in the first game he’s a completely different character in rdr2

  5. Honestly I like the original better, at least in terms of voice actors, not that the second guy was bad. Apparently the original actor died, which I suspected so I understand why, but still. Also I like the more mean he is in RDR rather than the whining he does to an even greater extent in RDR2, although again, not all of that is bad. My preference is always gonna be the original though.

  6. The voice actor of uncle in rdr1 was working on rdr2 but he passed away halfway through rdr2 then they got a new voice actor for uncle


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