Red Dead Redemption 2 Item Request for Uncle Post Game – ERRAND BOY


Post Game Uncle Item Request Red Dead 2. ERRAND BOY Trophy / Achievement – Uncle Item Request Locations Peppermint, Skunk, Milkweed, Hair Pomade, and Kentucky Bourbon

Here is a Guide for 6
Errand Boy – Deliver 5 camp companion item requests

Charles Item Request Moonshine

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  1. So did you do this completely post game then? As in even after the Epilouges? I would assume, based off your cash.
    I've played what feels like weeks (in game) and still haven't had Uncle approach me. I always go do stuff..come back, go to bed, check in with him. Nothin'! Really annoying.

  2. I have a perfect skunk, unskinned, on my horse, along with every ingredient I need and it’s still not letting me give him the request. Ugggh

  3. I still can't find no fucking skunk. I been to Eris field. Near the ranch. All I see is fucking rabbits and possums. Fuck if the lazy bastard uncle wants a skunk. He should go hunting for it.

  4. So let me confirm… I can do these errands after completing the whole game or do I still need to be in epilogue part 2?

  5. Finally, I was able to give Uncle his requested items. I went to the picture of the skunk (on the map) located by the second "E" in Tall Trees near the Montana River. I got off my horse and used cover scent and walked back and forth on the trail near the river, this was at 4 a.m. on the games clock, when a skunk finally appeared. I stowed it on my saddle (intact) and road directly to Beecher's Hope. I arrived and found Uncle on the front porch. He said hello then turned away from me to go inside to go to sleep, his "lock" appeared. I waited near his bed until the game clock hit 10 a.m. He woke up and it was then that I was able to give him his items. Thanks for this video, it could have taken forever to locate Milkweed just roaming the range. :0)

  6. I was hunting the skunk when I got jumped by a fucking cougar, never been that scared in my life 😂


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