Red Dead Redemption 2 | John, Uncle And Charles Get Drunk


Red Dead Redemption 2 | John, Uncle And Charles Get Drunk

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of outlaw life that seamlessly blends story with action, and exploration with choice – all under the constant threat of danger.

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  1. Arthur sees kieran in heaven: o'driscoll! Imma kill you!

    Kieran: for the last time i ain't an o'driscoll and how I'm already dead?!

    Arthur: Don't tempt me boah.

    Kieran: o.O

  2. Me and my friends laughed so hard during this scene that we kept on playing this on a speaker in my basement

  3. Best way to go about this is get drunk while playing this mission so you feel you’re apart of it as well

  4. John and Charles piggy-back race against Arthur and Lenny

    Uncle would participate but he always has lumbago riding him like a donkey

  5. Charles attitude with uncle before epilogue: "silence is nice, you are annoying"
    Charles attitude with uncle after epilogue: "come, bustle, bustle, drink about… And let us M E R R Y B E"


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