Roger Federer Forehand Slow Motion 2019 – Side View @Top Tennis Training – Pro Tennis Lessons


Roger Federer Forehand Slow Motion 2019 – Side View @Top Tennis Training – Pro Tennis Lessons
Roger Federer Tennis Forehand is known as the best on the ATP Tour. He is able to generate effortless forehand power and huge amounts of forehand top spin that helps him dominate the rallies against any opponent. Roger Federer forehand technique is smooth and fluid as he times the ball perfectly. Roger Federer Forehand Grip is eastern compared to someone like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic who hold the racquet with a semi-western and even western grip.

Can Federer get back to World No.1?

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  1. Dear Love Tennis,
    I am Yeongsic Kim, the founder of Rope Tennis. I have presented a new concept of tennis swing, Jul concept, to world people since February 2020. Jul concept is to use our involuntary body reflex to rebuild our body movement. If we use involuntary body reflex, we can swing without the function of dominant hand. It is the key to achieve Federer and Djokovic forehand stroke….

    Recently I have been making video about head acceleration and I need some images to explain it. I found your some videos very valuable to explain it.
    Would you allow me to cite your video in my explanation on the racket acceleration? Of course, if I cite your video, I will reveal its source in the explanation.
    I am looking forward to your answer.
    best regards,

  2. I compare this forehand to the forehand technique he had in 2003. The swing path is much more compact now . I think he’s lost some power because of this. He used to be able to finish the points much more easily back then.

  3. Next time i will be the next generation of roger federer

    Because i copy all of his move forehand, backhand,serve,volley,slice except for his face peFRect

  4. Pause at 2:38. You can see contact point. Very cool. Most of the time it’s too quick to see but this is a clearer picture. The ball is sunk into the strings behind the frame. 👌👑

  5. He hits differently from modern forehand players. He combines the 70s forehand with longer distanct swing for fluency and effortless power. The flexibility can pick up ball at any contact point, low, high, far, nearby. Can't wait to back board practice in summer. Shadow swing for now.

  6. The economy of movement is just so fascinating to me.
    Seeing videos like these, in my opinion, not only explains his technical abilities, but also why he has had so few injuries(touch wood..) in his career.
    Not one superfluous muscle activation, and hitting with the absolute minimum amount of strain on his body.

  7. Por siempre y para siempre seré tu admiradora maestro de maestros genio elegancia talento humildad sencillez leyenda viviente del tenis mundial

  8. I will get Federer's technique no matter what. I must go pro. Is it too late for me? Im 15 right now. Im not giving up though


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