Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa Review (2016) | Fruit Syrup Reduction


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  1. I have been buying a lot a lot of perfumes blind and I have been disappointed with a number of them. However, this perfume smells great. It is very much like Black Opium. The sweet note is there, just like Black Opium. Your description of the perfume does not resonate with what I have been smelling as I wear it. I know that scents can be different on each person. However, I have spelled some stinkers lately (Libre) and I can tell you, Signorina Misteriosa smells good. On me, the dry down just becomes softer and the floral note starts to come through. The opening, to me, smells like cotton candy and who doesn't like that? Yum!

  2. I love this scent more than my higher end ones tbh. My absolute fave and it doesn't start of with the alcohol smell that I hate when sprayed on the skin.

  3. It reminds me of a perfume from the 80’s, Volupte by Oscar de la Renta. I find it a little synthetic but still like it.

  4. My daughter received this as a sample, normally I wouldn't take notice of a sweet fragrance as this but it grabbed my nose, I liked it enough to try it on my own skin. Really I cant get enough of this elegant sweetness. Maybe its the chill in the air or what but I've received many compliments as well as. My father, who is very picky about fragrance, loved this one when I passed him. Go light on the trigger but otherwise a great find, Its simply delightful.

  5. I own Signorina Misteriosa and on me it smells fantastic! Great for going out in the evening. It gets me lots of compliments, too.

  6. Not a fan of sweet fragrances in general BUT for some reason LOVE this particular perfume. Bought the rollerball first and then had to get a bottle. For me this does not smell cheap. It is my cozy, rainy day, cold day fragrance:)

  7. I blind bought this one, and I agree is very sweet. I will try to mix it with a more floral perfume. I dont like extremely sweet perfume. Btw I might be wrong, but this smells a bit like black opion without the coffee note.

  8. hi there, do you have Signorina Eleganza EDP review?? I would gladly watch it, if you know is it as sweet as this Misteriosa one?

  9. I got it recently through a swap and I'm surprised it is so easy to wear in spite of sweetness. Gets compliments too.

  10. I really enjoy your uploads and your reviews are always so informative and on point thank you for sharing I subscribed X X X

  11. Is so great to see you reviewing designer fragrances oh, you've been on a roll and your input has been so helpful I'm going to keep up to go to work loving it🖤👏👏🎆✨🎇


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