The All-In-One Windows DVDs! (1.01 – 2003)


Here’s something pretty cool that I think you all will enjoy. 2 DVD images with every version of Windows on them. Yes, you read that right. I first heard about the AiO DVDs back a couple of years before I made my YouTube channel, but was never able to find download links to them.

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  1. Выбирайте Windows NT или Windows 2000 или Windows XP или Windows Server 2003

  2. i found a DVD that says " RoadStarter " it contained Windows and Linux making an ISO as we speak idk why it was in a friend old 2006 pc .. and i just Registered as GeneralChaos in your Forums

  3. One thing that I think should be mentioned (which gave me a lot of grief when trying to install some of these ISOs), is that the NT 3.1 to 3.51 ISOs emulate an A: drive in order to boot it from a virtual DOS floppy

    The problem is as soon as you start the installer, the installer forces you to write a restore floppy (it can’t be skipped) and it expects you to put that floppy in the A: drive (it can’t be switched to the B: drive)

    This means, since the ISO contains an unwritable emulated boot floppy, which can’t be unmounted (AFAIK), the installer can’t write to the A: drive as it needs to, preventing install

    The way around this is you need a blank floppy (well, at least 2) or blank floppy image, then mount the floppy (or image) to drive B:, make the floppy bootable, copy the contents from drive A: to B:, boot from the floppy (or image) then start the installer from there, that way you can unmount/remove the boot floppy/image from drive A: and put in a blank disk to create the forced restore floppy

  4. I tried to install Plus! DME from here but I can't see the product key although I have looked inside the release notes. So how can I find product key for Plus! DME

  5. Wow, I suppose this could be called Microsoft Windows Legacy Collection 2003.

    Tbh that sounds neat for my workplace, particularly to set up VMs with old operative systems for some of the oldest legacy apps we still maintain.

  6. Hadn't until recently heard of your channel or these videos but they are in fact very neat! Glad to say i subscribed haha!

  7. I tried installing Windows 2003 Standard and Windows XP Media Centre Edition from the All-In-One Windows DVD, and both of them caused a static blue screen during installation.

  8. This is probably a super dumb question but can you use the ISO files that you create for a virtual machine?

  9. I've had these DVD's for years and used them often to play with new builds, but didn't know the DVD's included the CD keys. Always searched for those elsewhere. Sometimes the keys worked, more often they didn't.

  10. Unfortunately the MEGA links are a bit unfair (meaning that MEGA has some limitations to free users and guests) but I have an alternative link from Internet Archive (witch has no limits) (Not clickbait, virus, or scam):

  11. I have two aio iso requests :

    1- Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 All in one iso file.

    2-Windows Server 2008 R1, 2008 R2, 2012 R1, 2012 R2 and 2016 All in one iso file.

  12. Do you know if there is a newer one of this with windows vista and above?
    It would be really nice to have an all in one ISO File with Windows Vista up to Windows 10 including the server editions as well.

  13. Yeah i got a really old Dell Latitude gifted with a broken screen, repaired it and got it up and running but i had issues finding the Original OS that came with that Dell but i came across this and i could burn the right Windows XP version with this and also activate it over the Phone in 2018! Which i find quite interesting.

  14. I came across something similar a while back except it was only every version of windows seven and wasn't cracked like these disks. Still, I think I might make some copies for some reason


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