Top 10 Best Roasts From Uncle | Red Dead Redemption 2


Showcase Gameplay Tutorial video about the top 10 Uncle roasting other Gang Members at camp and in Missions in Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. “I forgot my ciggerette case on that damn mountain….”
    “And no i don’t need you to go fetch it”
    Me: phew…. now show me your cards!

  2. Do you why when he's sitting next to campfire his roasting ability increases? Because it's called *roast*, it needs fire to roast.

  3. Oh darling Abigail, I've changed. Come live with me in an outhouse I wouldn't ask my worst enemy to take a shit in LOL 😂

  4. Uncle always meant well and was a good friend to John, he even gave his life defending the Marston's. As much as John shits on him, he does care for the old man

  5. The outhouse scene is the best in the whole game . And the “what we ganna farm ? Rocks ? Oh John Marston. The Rock Farmer” LoL

  6. 5:08 – ''Put me out of my majesty, your misery!'' Typical Uncle burn. How did I miss this in my game play?


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