Uncle John is sick a-bed – a schoolyard circle game


From Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book ‘On the Banks of Plum Creek’.
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Uncle John is sick a-bed,
What shall we send him?
A piece of pie, a piece of cake,
A piece of apple dumpling.
What shall we send it in?
In a piece of paper,
Paper is not fine enough,
But in a golden saucer.
Who shall we send it by?
By the governor’s daughter,
Take her by the lily white hand,
And lead her over the water.

Johnny Brown so they say,
Goes a-courting night and day,
With a sword by his side,
And takes Miss Sally for his bride.
Takes her by the lily white hand,
And leads her over the water.
Here’s a kiss and there’s a kiss,
For Mr. Jones’s daughter.

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  1. Now I know that you don't have my memory when it comes to remembering Noggin The Nog. But who could possibly forget about Grolliffe the ice dragon. He's the best character in my opinion.

  2. Glad to see someone keeping children's oral culture alive: ring games, clapping games, songs and jokes are all falling by the wayside due to smartphones and the Internet.

  3. Sounds so great! I recognize the melody from a different song. Riding On A Pony? I think that was the name cant remember. Luv this!


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