Uncle's SECRET Identity Revealed In Red Dead Redemption 2! (The Legend Of Red Harlow)


Uncle’s SECRET Identity Revealed In Red Dead Redemption 2! (The Legend Of Red Harlow)
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In today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 video – Thanks to a NEW discover on the PC version of RDR2…we can finally figure out what happened to Red Harlow and is this legendary gunslinger & bounty hunter….UNCLE?

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  1. Beard hide some scars. If you can use Uncle as a character on pc, take him to the barber and let's see how his cheeks looks

  2. Need a story with Charles smith back story Possible charles meets karen much younger or have a wild story for Charles looking for a place to settle down an have a family.

  3. To people who don't get it this isnt true. The timelines don't line up red is half native American and has scars on his face. Uncle is clearly a full on American and it is said that revolver takes place in the 1880s so it wouldn't make sense for red to go from 20 to 50 in 10 years

  4. Red dead revolver takes place in the 1880’s uncle is too old just Becusse he said he is the one shot kid doesn’t mean anything

  5. Red Harlow is cripps. You’re welcome. No seriously cripps has murdered me with a double barrel more times than I can count.

  6. I know who it is…. Obviously cameras and audio equipment were not available back then.. they were but very rare… So Chinese whispers… What if red Harlow has been portrayed as the boy but wasn't he was a feared gun slinger and one day met his match by a kid who reached in the fire for the pistol and shot him and the kid is uncle and red Harlow was actually the man stories get twisted especially back then with no proof

  7. He tells his own story by the fire as a third person. cause he wants to stay hidden from civilization,maybe faked his death.

  8. ROCKSTAR, remaster Red Dead Revolver already, holy crap that came is a riot of fun and would look so cool on a modern system

  9. In camp uncle and Pearson have Conversation and uncle tells how he saw his parents die in front of him as a boy

  10. I was just looking a i though who else could be red Harlow and I think I found something good it’s pretty far fetched but I think I have enough evidence to prove it i this the Colm o’driscoll is red Harlow


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