Windows 7 / 8 Shutdown, Restart, Lock & Sleep Shortcuts


Right click a blank area on your desktop. Scroll down to New and scroll over to Shortcut.
Next place the command you want create in the Create Shortcut box.
Click Next and title the shortcut click Finish.

Shutdown.exe -s -t 00

Shutdown.exe -r -t 00

Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation

rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0

Standby (Flashing power button):
Open a command prompt (admin) window
Type or copy and paste powercfg -hibernate off and press enter. Close the command prompt window.
rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Standby


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  1. is this safe?i mean in the safe way. i dont want to broke my computer again (yes,i have broke my windows 7 many times)

  2. [ rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0 ] doesn't make the windows sleep the way I expect. As I expect, when my laptop sleeps, my laptop's power light slowly fade and light up – This command completely turn off the power light, when I wake my laptop up, it should go directly to the lock screen, skip the Manufacturer's Logo and "Resuming Windows with MS's Logo fly" – this command don't skip.
    Is there anyway to get exactly the command the Windows' sleep button have?

  3. OUTSTANDING! Just what I needed as my new computer didn't come with a sleep button on the Keyboard. BTW. I used the ShortCut Key option in the ShortCut Properties to assign a key on the keyboard. I used one of the function keys and it works like a champ.

  4. sleep don't work. when i use the command "rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0" my pc go in hybride mode

  5. liked it. I'm nervous ….doing my first office shutdown today and this concise operation could come in handy

  6. Thank you very much for taking this effort! I just created my sleeping icon and opened a cmd.exe command prompt as being an administrator. The full command you can use is:

    powercfg /hibernate off


    powercfg /hibernate on

  7. How do you know/ where to find what to put in shortcuts? Cause for sleep that's a pretty long title, so where do you find it?

  8. 「Shutdown.exe -s -t 00」 for SHUTDOWN 「Shutdown.exe -r -t 00」 for RESTART 「Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation」 for LOCK 「rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0 for SLEEP

  9. you forgot to mention that hibernation MUST be turned off for sleep to work otherwise it just hibernates instead of sleep. windows q search for cmd, run as admin. type powrcfg -h off in run window. Then it will work. do the same with on to turn hibernation back on.


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